Akosah Emmanuel Kwaku Akrasi

Kwaku AkrasiAkosah Emmanuel Kwaku Akrasi was born 1984 in Ivory Coast. At the age of three he moved to Ghana with his grandmother.

He started to scatch and draw when he was six which made his family very proud. Even though it was tough for him financially but somehow he always safed what he had for materials.

Emmanuel Kwaku is gifted with creativity since childhood. He has always enjoyed painting and expressing his feelings on canvas. So he decided to master in Fine Art.

At the age of twelf he won his fist award: “Special Merith”. This “Efua Satherland Children’s Competition” was organised by Queen Elisabeth of England. His second award was from the “Shankra Children’s Competition” at age thirteen.

The Ghanaian Fine Artist Emmanuel Kwaku doesn’t have a particular style of painting but mixing colours is the backbone of his work. His ideas are original works of art that share his passion. His inspiration comes from nature and the daily life. He likes to work with Acrylic Paint on canvas, woodworks and calabash.

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